Thursday, November 1, 2007


At national culture festival in Jakarta last year, some kinds of ethnic culture were demonstrated by men and women from each region.
Kentongan, a central java culture were demonstrated by male and female teenager.
Girls from bali demonstrated a kind of balinese dance,
Papuan men demonstrated their war dance by using their ethnic wear that called koteka.
Some girls from indonesian art college, Bandung, interested to watch closer the papuan dancer. A girl moves closer to them and asks:
"i'm really want to know about koteka, could you like to tell me, what is the material to make the koteka?"

a dancer step to be directed to the girl and answer:
" sorry, i'mnot a good speaker, so i willnot tell you about koteka. But you can hold it in order to know better about this koteka." said him and then asks the girl to hold the koteka he used.

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