Saturday, November 3, 2007


when jhon and jade, american tourists first time go to Purwokerto, central java. they want to know more about Baturaden. so, they decide to go there directly, but they dont know the way. jhon look a mad man sitting under the tree at the left border of the street where they are walking, but he doesnt know that the man is crazy.
jhon approaches to him and asking in a fluent indonesian language:
¨hei sir! can you tell me where is the way to go to Baturaden?¨
the man looked very enthusiastic when jhon moves closer at him.
¨hai.. kowest woongss ngendhiss? akurt jaluks duwiter!¨ answer him enthusiastic.
he thinks that he said in a fluent english.
jhon looks at jade and asks, ¨what´s just he said?¨
¨ i dont know, maybe it is a kind of javanese dialects.¨ jade answer.

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Novi said...


Simple and funny joke. Could be used for refreshing and study english.
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